Editor’s Pick: The Best of Similan Islands and Surin Islands Diving Sites

The spectacular Similan Islands off the coast of Thailand offer some of the top diving sites in the world. With stunning coral reefs and exciting underwater topography teeming with marine life, it’s easy to see why the Similan Islands are a premier diving destination for undersea enthusiasts.

Come explore our pick of the best Similan Islands and Surin Islands diving sites that will promise an unforgettable underwater adventure!

top similan islands diving sites

1. Richelieu Rock

World-famous for its vibrant coral gardens and frequent whale shark sightings, diving at Richelieu Rock provides the ultimate Similan Islands diving experience. This underwater oasis attracts pelagics such as Whale Shark, mantas and small critters such as tiger tail seahorses and ghost pipefishes. No Similan diving trip is complete without a dive at Richelieu Rock. It will be the highlight of any diver’s Thailand liveaboard trip.

2. Elephant Head Rock

The distinct elephant-shaped pinnacle gives this famous Similan diving site its name. Descending through swim-throughs and overhangs made of dozens of huge granite boulders stacked upon one another unveils a thriving marine environment. Photographers will find joy in capturing divers floating above fields of anemones with schools of colourful fish creating a picturesque setting.

3. West of Eden

West of Eden’s reef wall delves over 100 feet into the Andaman Sea on the western edge of the Garden of Eden. Large schools of pelagic fishes and nudibranchs provide motion to the wall’s intricate topography. Barracuda and rainbow runners hunt the currents running along the upper ledges of this exceptional Similan Islands diving site.

4. Christmas Point

Similan diving at Christmas Point provides captivating marine biodiversity and pristine coral formations, offering an immersive and visually stunning experience for divers. Best known for its swim-through, its crystal-clear waters host a vibrant array of marine life, from Hawksbill turtles to Christmas tree worms on submerged rocky reefs.

5. North Point

Considered one of the top Thailand liveaboard destinations, North Point’s swirling currents attract manta rays, turtles and leopard sharks to this Similan diving hotspot. Fringing reefs host blue sea stars and giant sea fans. Conditions permitting, divers can experience rare encounters with graceful mantas and guitar sharks.

6. Shark Fin Reef

Shark Fin Reef resembles the fin of the shark as the top of the dive site has a rock sticking out. It extends well over 80m long and usually features schools of jackfish and barracudas to hawksbill turtles patrolling the reef. Its unique underwater topography allows divers to hide from the currents that flow on either side of the reef.

7. Koh Bon

While not one of the Similan Islands, nearby Koh Bon offers one of the best Thailand liveaboard trips. Arguably the best place to dive with manta rays, sweetlips, snappers and leopard sharks. The underwater ridge is a well known cleaning station for mantas to gracefully fly by. Might have strong currents but definitely worthwhile to dive for the possibility of sighting big stuff.

8. Koh Tachai

Also outside the marine park, Koh Tachai provides exhilarating Similan diving along submerged pinnacles and ridge lines decorated with huge sea fans and barrel sponges. Grey reef sharks, leopard sharks, humphead wrasses and huge schools of barracudas patrol these offshore pinnacles. Frequent whale shark sightings make this a world-class Thailand liveaboard dive.

Similan Islands and Surin Islands Diving Experience

With so many remarkable dive sites, stunning coral reefs and incredible marine life encounters, it’s easy to see why the Similan Islands are considered one of the top diving destinations in the world.

Divers from across the globe flock to Thailand liveaboard boats and dive resorts to experience these spectacular underwater realms in the Similan Islands chain. Which of these remarkable diving locations will you explore first?

As you prepare for your next Similan diving trip, remember to embrace the beauty of these pristine waters while maintaining respect for our delicate marine ecosystems. Happy diving!

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