DPVs which are also known as underwater scooters are the way to go if you ever find finning tedious. Imagine moving through a dive site with perpetual strong currents and seeing other divers struggling to fin while you are on your DPV in the blue. Using a DPV takes skill as students are taught how to fully manoeuvre the dive propulsion vehicle safely and efficiently.

The DPVs on board MV DiveRACE Class E are good quality powerful machines that are used mainly by technical divers. It is a tow style DPV and will require students to use a harness strap. This course structure will be centred around the particular brand and model of the DPV (SEUX XJOY7) we are using. Small class size also means that the instructor can spend more time on the students so that good diving habits with the DPVs are developed.

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Price: 12000THB per pax
Max Class Size: 2 pax


  • 12 pax to start the course
  • 2Minimum age 15 years old
  • 3Must be medically fit (to complete medical statement)
  • 4Must be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver or similar if agency is not PADI
  • 5BCD used has to be harness system with a crotch strap tow D ring

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Course Process

Advanced Open Water Diver Course Theory Session
Theory Session
4 hours on board during trip
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Pool Session
Pool Session
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Open Water Session
Open Water Session
Any trip on board MV DiveRACE Class E (SGP / TH)

What's included


PADI Course Manual + materials


Instruction by qualified Professional


Rental of Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)


Certification (all course requirements must be completed before certification)

What's excluded


LOB trip on MV DiveRACE Class E


Travel Insurance

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Common Questions

We use SUEX Xjoy7 for our DPV course. This is a tow type DPV and will require students to use a harness type BCD.

No. We will rent you the DPV and have it prepared for you on board during the trip. We will teach you based on the SUEX model.

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