Become a diving professional with the PADI DM course which we at DiveRACE have specifically tailored to suit for liveaboard operations. We believe it as a dive master, knowledge and skills go hand in hand. We will work on building a solid foundation for the student and move to impart valuable real life guiding experience under supervision. This wholesome course is for those who would want to become a leader underwater with awesome dive skills.

Do actual guiding of real life divers under supervision. Gain real life experience work with the boat and dive crew closely a necessary path to an instructor technical diving based skillset (eg. focus on trim, buoyancy and finning) tough love once certified, there may be opportunities to guide divers for diverace.

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Price: 25000THB per pax
Max Class Size: 2 pax


  • 12 pax to start (only 1 batch per year)
  • 2Minimum age 18 years old
  • 3Must be medically fit (to complete medical statement)
  • 4Must be Rescue certified or similar if agency is not PADI
  • 5Must have full set of personal diving equipment (BCD, regulator, 2 masks, fins, wetsuit, SMB + reel, dive torch, dive knife, UW slate)
  • 6Must have minimum 60 dives by end of course completion
  • 7Minimum 3 Liveaboard dive trips

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Your passport to the open water world

Course Process

Advanced Open Water Diver Course Theory Session
Theory Session
16 hours (conducted on land)
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Pool Session
Pool Session
8 hours (conducted on land)
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Open Water Session
Open Water Session
Minimum 4 weekend trips on board MV DiveRACE Class E (SGP)
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Assessment
PADI Standards (60 MCQs) + Dive Theory (60 MCQs)

What's included


PADI Course Manual + materials


Instruction by qualified Professional


Discounted Weekend trips cabin prices (up to 35% discount)

What's excluded


LOB trip on MV DiveRACE Class E


Travel Insurance

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Common Questions

We offer 35% discount on the trip cabin prices for our DM course. eg. a twin luxury cabin to Anambas would be 584.35SGD instead of 899SGD.

Once the course is completed and verified by the instructor, the student will have to apply directly to PADI asia pacific and paid directly to complete their DM certification.

You can partake in our Rescue diver course and then take up the DM course. We are able to bundle the 2 courses together to offer a better rate for the trips.

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