With Enriched Air Nitrox (typically 22% to 40% of oxygen in the gas mixture), get more bottom time and improved safety margins during surface intervals. Students will learn the advantages and disadvantages of using Enriched Air Nitrox and get to analyses their own nitrox fills prior to their dives.

Furthermore, certain dive operators in various dive destinations offer Free Nitrox fills for the entire trip for those who are certified! It is a popular course that can be completed easily over a trip on board MV DiveRACE Class E and it adds tremendous value to each and every diver.

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Price: 7500THB per pax
Max Class Size: 6 pax


  • 1Minimum age 15 years old
  • 2Must be medically fit (to complete medical statement)
  • 3Must be certified as an Open Water Diver or similar if agency is not PADI

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Your passport to the open water world

Course Process

Advanced Open Water Diver Course Theory Session
Theory Session
4 hours on board during trip
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Pool Session
Pool Session
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Open Water Session
Open Water Session
Any trip on board MV DiveRACE Class E (SGP / TH)

What's included


PADI Course Manual + materials


Instruction by qualified Professional


Rental of Dive Computer


Certification (all course requirements must be completed before certification)


2 Nitrox Fills (32% to 36%)

What's excluded


LOB trip on MV DiveRACE Class E


Travel Insurance

Of course there’s much more!
Get to know what you are really getting.

Common Questions

Yes you can. Each nitrox fill is chargeable and pricing is shown in the relevant itineraries.

Yes. There will be a multiple choice question assessment at the end and students must get 75% of the answers correct to be certified.

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