Invest with DiveRACE

You arrived here for a reason - to search for something extra. If we caught your attention, you must be really interested in DiveRACE.

Do you enjoy our services and liveaboard?
Do you see growth potential in our business?

Invest with us as we aim to expand our fleet to new locations. Grow your money while you get to enjoy scuba diving from our liveaboards.

We started in 2009 with 1 wooden hull vessel that we purchased to kickstart our company. After 5 years of hard work, we built our very own steel hull liveaboard from scratch. Currently, we are looking forward to our next project.

We believe that being in Southeast Asia, there is a huge potential to expand into new dive destinations in other neighbouring countries.

DiveRACE keeps up with the changing times and focuses on digitalisation to move forward into the future.

Change is the only constant.

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