Improve upon your scuba diving foundation and learn new dive skills to advance your open water certification. The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWDC) allows students to experience new diving adventures and learn new underwater skills. It adds multiple dimensions to what a diver can do and extends the boundaries of scuba diving - such as diving at night or going deeper than 18 metres.

The course requires students to complete 5 different adventure dives (Deep diving and Underwater Navigation are compulsory) from a selection. DiveRACE concentrates on a few selected adventure dives to maximise the benefits it brings to the students. We focus largely on improving the buoyancy and finning skills of the students while building up their confidence to become capable divers.

The next step after the basic open water course is the Advanced Open Water Diver Course. This course is highly recommended as it allows divers to dive up to a maximum depth of 40m and experience new types of diving! Definitely suitable for those who love scuba diving and want to take the next step in more exploration.

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWDC) can be done on board during any trip. Your instructor will go through the theoretical portion, with the knowledge reviews in the manual, and then work on the practical skills during the dives. Important tips and knowledge would be imparted during the course and students get to work on their scuba diving skills foundation such as SMB deployment and peak performance buoyancy. This is extremely important in developing a competent diver with good risk management and situational awareness.

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Price: 8500THB per pax
Max Class Size: 4 pax


  • 1Minimum age 15 years old
  • 2Must be medically fit (link to medical statement form)
  • 3Must be certified as an Open Water Diver or similar

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Course Process

Advanced Open Water Diver Course Theory Session
4 hours theory on board during trip
4 hours
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Pool Session
No Pool session
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Open Water Session
Any trip on board

Course Content

Participants will undergo five different adventure dives during the Advanced Open Water Diver Course, mainly - Deep Diving, Underwater Navigation, Night Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Fish Identification. There are many other adventure dives but we concentrate on these 5 as they give the best value for the common diver.

Deep Diving - Understand and manage the risk involved with diving deeper. Loss of vibrant colours as light is absorbed and using air faster are examples of the effect of deep diving.

Underwater Navigation - Learn how to utilise a compass and natural reef to navigate confidently underwater. Always know where you are going and how to return safely.

Night Diving - Scuba diving at a reef at night is a completely new experience due to the limited visibility. Participants get to use a waterproof torch and learn skills related to diving at night!

Peak Performance Buoyancy - The most important skill that a diver should have. Having good control over your buoyancy during the dive makes scuba diving safe and fun. It saves energy and allows divers to protect themselves and the fragile marine environment.

Fish Identification - Divers should know what they are looking for or at! Fish ID teaches divers how to identify marine life accurately via distinctive physical traits. Understanding habitats of marine life and symbiotic relationships increases the chances of sighting rare marine creatures!

What’s included in the Advanced Open Water Diver Course


PADI Course Manual


Qualified Professional Instruction


UW Compass Rental


UW Torch Rental


Dive Computer Rental


Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Rental


Certification (all course requirements must be achieved)

What’s excluded in the Advanced Open Water Diver Course


LOB trip on MV DiveRACE Class E


Travel Insurance

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Common Questions about Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Deep diving and Underwater Navigation are compulsory adventures to do for the Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWDC). For the other 3, We usually do Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diving and Fish ID and these are highly recommended.

Unfortunately no. The PADI EAN Course is a specialty course by itself and require a test for assessment. See here

We will require a minimum of 2 pax to start the advanced open water diver course. If not possible, we will do our best to find another student to join. We can also conduct the course 1 to 1 for an additional fee.

Yes it would be possible to complete the remaining adventure dives you need to be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver. However, our prices are fixed for the course, no matter the number of adventure dives you choose to do.

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