Scuba Diving in a COVID world

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a pain for everyone. It has altered daily routines as people social distance as a form of protection. Travel restrictions have badly affected many scuba diving operators during this period of time.

Let us explore the reasons why scuba divers should avoid contracting this dangerous virus.

Affecting Our Lungs

We rely on our lungs to efficiently expel nitrogen during surface intervals.

It was found that recovered patients still have permanent damage to their lungs. Findings are still inconclusive though.

Blood Thickening Effect

Blood flow is another crucial factor in removing nitrogen in our blood.

Having blood that is viscous (thick) means that nitrogen is not efficiently transported back to the lungs for it to be expelled naturally as compared to having less viscous blood.

Which leads us to the next point…

Brain Damage

There has been recent cases of patients affected with COVID-19 being found with blood clots within their brains.

So what does this mean for Scuba Divers?

It is not going to be easy as the world still tries to develop a vaccine for this virus. We still are unable to ascertain the long term effect of being affected by the virus, even if recovered.

The best way for now is to avoid contracting it. Prevention is always better than cure and especially so in this particular case. Wear a mask and be responsible by adopting safe distancing.

How does DiveRACE move on from this?

I personally believe that the development of the vaccine has a high possibility and better times will prevail eventually. We all just need to hang in there!

DiveRACE is ready to receive guests when more certainty has been establish about the potential and safety of travel. We have been using the current down time to refurbish our vessel and website, improving ourselves with the feedback we have received.

Our trips are now limited to 20 guests. This means more space and comfort for everyone with our large liveaboard vessel. We ensure sanitation by implementing extra cleaning procedures during and between our trips. This is our assurance to our guests that we take their safety as our priority.

Lionel Lim

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