Our Diving Courses Core Beliefs

You got all my attention, baby!

DiveRACE advocates small group ratio which means that each student gets more attention and improved safety during the course. We also video students during the dives to provide visual feedback for more effective learning.

PADI Rescue Diver Course | DiveRACE Diving Course in Singapore
PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty Course (EAN) | DiveRACE Diving Course in Singapore

Scuba Matter Experts

Rather conducting all types of courses, we specialise and are proficient in the ones that we are proud to teach. Each course is tailored for liveaboard diving in remote locations. That means students are taught to have increased situational awareness and good decision making skills to reduce the risks of potential problems from happening. Prevention is always better than cure!

Instructors who inspire

To quote Bruce Lee - I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”  Our instructors have kicked in over thousands of dives and conduct scuba courses regularly. As full time divers, we teach based on PADI course materials and supplement it with real life scuba experiences which is beyond what books can offer. 

PADI Open Water Dive Course (OWDC) | DiveRACE Diving Course in Singapore
PADI Divemaster Course (DM) | DiveRACE Diving Course in Singapore

Our Ultimate Goal

When we certify our students, they enjoy the learning process and can see significant improvement in their diving skills.


See what our past students say about our course!

Did a 4 nights/5 days liveaboard on DiveRace and couldn't ask for more! Very good service (with special mention for the food!), professional crew (always helpful) and incredible dives (such as Richelieau Rock and Tachau Pinnacle). Strongly recommended!
Gregorio C.
11:56 29 Jan 22
I definitely recommend it
Paulina G.
15:11 24 Mar 22
trip was awesome
ComnetSolutions Pte L.
07:17 17 Sep 19
Last week, I've enjoyed DiveRACE Similan liveaboard trip with my wife through BLUE dive center(Instructor MJ).DiveRACE was so clean because it has recently renovated. And the crew of this boat was so friendly. Additionally, the cook served high quality food.I was really suprised for the quality of this liveaboard trip. I'd like to express my gratitude to MJ and the crew of DiveRACE.
13:29 09 Jan 22
We had a great time - we have dived with DiveRace a number of times from Singapore (Tioman Malaysia and Anambas Indonesia) but this was first time in Similan Islands leaving from Phuket area. As ever the whole team were tremendous - Ferri was an excellent Dive Leader, Philippe was fun to dive with and Other divers said Mas was too. I think I put on 3KG from all the wonderful food!!! Viz was not the best but all the plankton meant we saw lots of cool stuff - Deep Sea Manta Rays, Sea Horses, Harlequin Shrimp, Octopus, Nudis huge Barracuda and Andaman Anemone Fish (Red with Black spots - not Orange and white) plus many many shoals of reef fish. Whole experience was perfect from start to end and I would recommend DiveRace to anyone looking for a great live aboard experience.
Richard T.
08:09 02 Mar 20
Great boat, very clean comfortable and modern. The staff are eager to please. The food is above and beyond what you would get anywhere else. For what you get, this is a bargain. Also, there's diving 🙂
Jeff H.
14:23 27 Dec 21
29 Apr to 2 May 22 - LOB Similan. Total 11 dives. Kudos to Eric (cruise director) and the entire DR crew for making the dives interesting, enjoyable and safe. Comfortable boat, delicious food and well organised dives. Thanks DR crew! Looking forward to be onboard again at the end of this year.
Khee Sern K.
09:58 08 May 22
The trip was well managed and properly organised, Eric Grenier is a great dive instructor
Vladimir L.
07:04 14 Jan 22
I definitely recommend this Boat !!
Krzysztof W.
15:12 24 Mar 22
DiveRace was a great experience from the accommodation, service and especially the food.The room and bed are quite spacious compare other LOB. It equipped with 5 inch mattress and comes with a comforter plus 2 pillows! They have twin sharing and quad sharing. Twin sharing suit couples as your mattress can be joint as one. Shower gel and shampoo were provided with 2 towels (1 for shower and 1 for diving). Diving towel was coded so you won’t mixed up with others and end up wiping others smell on your face.My trip has 1:4 ration of Dive Master to Diver. Vincent was my DM. He’s one of the best DM I had. Responsible but come with sense of humour. He’s extremely good in spotting marine sea life even down to a shrimp as small as a grain size. He will ensure we get the best dive every dive. He’s funny and knowledgeable. He’s kind of shy and quiet but once you get him talking, he will share lots of knowledge to you.Lastly the food which I didn’t expect it to actually exceeded my expectation and experience. Most LOB will prepare decent food and DiveRace definitely exceed the benchmark. I had different Asian Cruisine on the boat from Tom Yum Gong to Bah Kut Teh to Western Bolognese. We were pampered with delicious food, fresh fruits and importantly they were equipped with automatic espresso machine with fresh coffee beans for your morning caffeine dose.In the end of the trip, the Eric the Boat Manager will have the final debrief by recognising all the boat staff except the boat captain (I wonder where will we end up if the captain also join us) by name. That show how respectful towards the rank and file staff. Well done Eric.I’m extremely satisfied with my trip with DiveRace and I’m looking forward to dive again with them. Hopefully Vincent will still be my next dive DM. Kudos to Vincent and DiveRace.
13:32 17 Jun 19
Wow what an amazing trip, made truly special by Eric and his team on what is a beautifully appointed dive boat fitted for diving and having fun. Amazing diving with experience dive guide/instructors that have a passion for the environment and no where to find some amazing things below. Will come back again.
05:30 10 May 22
2nd time with DiveRace in the Similans. Dive Instructor 'It' was fantastic, meals were gourmet excellence, service from the crew and cleanliness all throughout the craft makes it the obvious choice for your Similans and Surin National Park LOB choice.Thanks Lionel and Eric and all the team for making it happen again! Choose DiveRACE, you're not going to regret it.To many more! 🐟🐠🐡🐙🦈🐚🍻
Joshua C.
16:15 03 Apr 22
One of the best dive trips to the Similan Islands. Perfect weather added to the serenity. The French Instructors were respectful and safety conscious at all times. Food was restaurant quality.
Edward N.
01:21 05 Nov 17
Enjoyed our trip 29 april to 2 may. Did 11 dives . Eric - our Cruise and dive director took care of all the details - all the crew were friendly and all helped out in various tasks to make our LOB memorable. The dive sites were interesting and we had good safe dives. As it was end of the dive season, the visibility was not as good - and gives us a reason to go back to Similan with DiveRACE again … hopefully in Dec 2022
ChingHong K.
03:21 05 May 22
Been onboard a couple of times and it's the best LOB experience I have come to enjoy immensely. The diving were fantastic. The DMs are experienced and safety comes above all else. A quality that should never be ovelooked. Professional but also friendly and a joy to be with. The boat crew are always around with a smile and ready to help too!It's a sweet luxury that every cabin comes with an ensuite bathroom. You get to enjoy hot showers with good water pressure after every single dive. Ohh and let me add how comfortable the beds were. Actual bed with proper mattress and pillows.I also appreciate that the crew cleans the private and common areas daily, keeping the cleanliness level up there for the entire trip.One more thing to praise about is the food. You will never go hungry onboard MV DiveRace. All you have to do is sit down and start enjoying the delicious food.Tip: Explore the boat and enjoy the sundeck when you're not diving!All in all, always looking forward to my next trip with DiveRace!!
16:35 18 Jun 19

Scuba Courses

Scuba diving courses conducted on DiveRACE liveaboard is the way to go! Small group ratio allows our qualified scuba liveaboard consultants to concentrate on giving the best lessons during the trip. We focus on safety and the development of good foundational diving skills.

We believe that during each diving course, students should become more independent as they develop their sense of situational awareness, good buoyancy with proper trim and effective finning techniques. Our scuba liveaboard consultants would spend time with students during and after each dive to review the time spent underwater and seek ways to improve on their diving skills.

Learning scuba on board a liveaboard is the best! It offers hassle-free diving with the dive site right next to you when you wake up. Return from your dive and seat back at your spot without the need to change tanks as we fill them right up for you after each dive. Students do not spend unnecessary time and energy on unnecessary activities and focus solely on enjoying themselves.